Announcement of the upcoming "Hanoi Rondo"


 We have uploaded the records of previous "Hanoi Rondo" meetings and the announcement for the upcoming meeting on the "Events" section of our website (

 "Hanoi Rondo," a workshop co-hosted by the VNU-Hanoi Department of Japanese Studies and the JSPH, has been active bimonthly since November of 2012 to provide a place to discuss academic issues using Japanese language.

 Rondo means "a meeting" in Esperanto. "Hanoi Rondo" was named after the anthropology workshop called "Konoe Rondo" which was hosted by the late Dr. Umesada Tadao, hoping to hold a meeting where Vietanmese and Japanese, researchers and citizens could all get together to have free and serious discussions.

 At the workshop, Vietnamese and Japanese researchers give academic presentations in Japanese. We welcome about 10 to 15 participants each time, including faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduates from the VNU-Hanoi, and Japanese residents and students in Hanoi. It has been a precious opportunity to promote an academic and cultural exchange among participants.

 Some of the students who had participated in intensive courses offered by the JSPH have successfully given their presentations as well.

 We will continue to notify the date, venue, and lecturers of the upcoming meetings on the "Events" section of this website.

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